Connect Maya to External Application


How can you communicate between two programs which doesn't have built-in support for it? This is where sockets can safe your day.

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Published 09.06.2013

C# and XML


XML is likely most used format to save data. Even though JSON is getting more and more popular now days, but XML still holds it's place as de facto format when you need to save data in human readable form. This article tells you how to create and read XML documents with C#.

Published 26.08.2013

Vertex Shaders in Unity


At least to me shader programming is most interesting thing in current graphics hardware and often has biggest effect on how your game will look like. Good news is that it's not even hard to get started with shader programming.

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Published 10.01.2014

Random Hacks


Some of my projects. I'm not even sure what all these supposed to be, but I hope you like them.

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Published 14.03.2015

OpenMaya Custom Group Node


Ever wanted to make a custom group node for grouping objects under a custom type which you can easily search? Here's how you can do it with Python.

Published 16.10.2013

Qt and PySide


Qt widely supported in 3d/video applications such as Maya, Motion Builder, Nuke and others. So it's a good idea to know something about it.

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Published 04.02.2015

Unity Gizmos


With Unity you can draw custom gizmos and it's not just boxes or sphere, you can draw pretty much anything you want. Thanks to Unity's good API it's very simple.

Published 26.10.2014

Extending Sony Vegas


When video editing became something else than cutting your holiday videos together you'll start to need all kinds of tools to make your life bit easier. This article shows how you can extend your Sony Vegas.

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Published 16.08.2013

Custom Editor In Unity


Unity comes with powerful customization possibilities. One of the most used customization is a custom property editor.

Published 02.07.2015

Maya's .NET API


Maya 2014 (or 2013 Extension 2) comes with .NET API. This is interesting new feature for technical artists point of view.

Published 04.06.2013

HTTP Calls from Python


This article goes through some basic usage of HTTP protocol with Python.

Published 03.06.2013

TCP Connection Between Phone and PC


Ever wanted to make network connection between Phone and PC. It's possible and not even hard, check this out.

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Published 11.03.2015

Getting Started With Arduino


Ever wanted to know how to use Arduino. Here's how to get started with it and it's not even difficult!

Published 27.12.2015